Portland Real Estate Market Fall Update

How is the Portland Real Estate market? Here’s the Fall 2022 update. Hint: it’s still a seller’s market. Just like the temperatures of the Fall, the housing market is cooling off a bit. Interest briefly broke the 7% barrier in September, the highest in nearly 15 years. With these interest […]

Buying Real Estate with Cryptocurrency

BUYING REAL ESTATE WITH CYPTOCURRENCY With the rising momentum of the cryptocurrency market more and more people have been asking how to buy real estate with cryptocurrency. The real estate and lending industries are slow to accept change and technology. The adoption of crypto for direct purchases is some years […]

Multnomah County Property Taxes 2022

If you live in Multnomah County you are probably wondering why your property taxes went up so much from last year. No pity from the Assessor’s Office as we navigate out of the pandemic. This in addition to 4 new tax measures passed in 2020 and 2021 in effect for […]

10 Tips to Sell Your Home Faster

Improve the look and value of your home with these simple upgrades. Sell your home faster and be more competitive with our 10 Tips to Sell Your Home Fast. How you live in a home is much different than how we prepare your home for sale. Think of selling your […]

Discount Real Estate Brokers

Considering Discount Real Estate Brokers to sell your home in this HOT Sellers Market? Do lower fees outweigh reduced services and potentially lower sales price? The Pacific Northwest and Portland Oregon are currently experiencing an unusually hot real estate market. Like many parts of the country, inventory of available homes […]

Using HELOC for Down Payment – The Home Buyer’s Hack

Using HELOC for Down Payment. Why you should get a Home Equity Line of Credit sooner than later. If you’re like the majority of Portland Oregon homeowners you’ve considered selling your home this past year. Prices are high. But you may be apprehensive about finding a replacement home. In the […]